Aluminum foil is a thin sheet of metal foil that contains approximately 92-99% aluminum and has a thickness of 0.0002 in. to 0.006 in. It is highly durable, non-toxic, oil-proof, and chemically resistant. It also offers an excellent barrier to light, oxygen, moisture, and bacteria, making it ideal for industries where these variables are critical.

The high resistance, availability, and affordable cost of aluminum foil make it a preferred material for industrial applications. As a result, manufacturers can also produce various aluminum alloys and foils with varying attributes by combining them with metals such as magnesium, copper, nickel, zinc, and many others.

Aluminum foil, whether for packaging or technical applications, provides endless options and is essential in numerous industries. Here are a few of the most common industrial uses of aluminum foil:

EMI/RFI Shielding

Industrial aluminum foil is used to make electromagnetic interference (EMI)/RFI shielding tapes, a cost-effective method to contain signals emitted by your components. They also secure random signals in the environment to protect sensitive equipment. Furthermore, their conductive adhesive properties provide static charge drainage, removing potentially hazardous static build-up.

Sun Process Converting offers Pressure Sensitive Dead Soft Aluminum products for EMI/RFI shielding. These items are constructed from zero-temper foil and have a pressure-sensitive adhesive coating. The following are some of the products’ features:

  • High dimensional stability
  • Excellent moisture/water resistance
  • Temperature range: -65°F to 300°F (-54°C to 149°C)
  • Printing options: Flexographic, offset, letterpress, and screen printing

Wire and Cable Shielding

Wires and cables can be the primary means of transmitting EMI as both a source and a receiver. As a source, it can carry noises to other equipment or act as an antenna that radiates noise. On the other hand, the cable can detect EMI emitted by other sources as a receiver. To combat this, foil shielding is typically used.

Cable shielding utilizes a thin layer of aluminum foil, generally attached to a carrier such as synthetic materials. The foil completely covers the conductors it surrounds, which helps ensure that the component works properly.

PVC Heat Seal Aluminum Foil from Sun Process Converting is specially designed for use with wire and cable harnesses and heat element applications. This product contains a pressure-sensitive adhesive coating and a PVC heat sealant, making it an effective solution for plasticized products in high-temperature environments. Here are some of the product’s features:

  • High dimensional stability
  • Excellent moisture/water resistance
  • Temperature range: -65°F to 300°F (-54°C to 149°C)

Aluminum Tape

Aluminum adhesive tape is a thin aluminum foil with a heat-resistant adhesive coating on one side. Compared to plastic adhesive tapes, it is more thermally resistant and will not break when exposed to heat or cold, making them far more durable.

Sun Process Converting developed a High-Temperature Silicone Adhesive Aluminum Foil, commonly applied in sealing automotive airbag inflators, moisture barriers around doors and windows to prevent fogging, hot air duct insulation adhesive, and more. It has the following features:

  • High dimensional stability
  • Excellent moisture/water resistance
  • Temperature range: -65°F to 600°F (-54°C to 316°C)



Aluminum foil tapes are lighter, last longer, and resist moisture, weather, and UV radiation. Because of these properties, They are frequently used in the aerospace industry to protect aircraft parts from harsh environmental conditions.

These tapes have proven to be simple to apply and perform excellently in heat sealing, stitching, thread adhesion, puncture resistance, and permeance.

There are various types of adhesives that may be used on industrial aluminum foil depending on the application:

Solvent-Based Acrylic

Acrylic or polyurethane is dissolved in an oily solvent to make oily coating glue. Solvent-based acrylics have a short curing time, low energy usage, excellent water resistance, and a high drying rate. It also has a high initial adhesion strength or viscosity.

Water-Based Acrylic

Water-based coating glue is created by coagulating acrylic or polyurethane resin with water as a solvent in special emulsifying equipment. It is inexpensive, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless, and non-flammable because it uses water as the solvent.

Hot Melt Adhesive

A hot melt adhesive is a solid polymer that melts easily without using a solvent. It is solid at room temperature but liquefies when heated and melted to a specific temperature. Furthermore, it does not require drying or any drying equipment, and it is simple to bond impermeable surfaces.

Industrial Aluminum Foil From Sun Process Converting

Sun Process Converting provides industrial aluminum foil products to meet a wide range of requirements. Our IAF products include high-performance solvent, emulsion, silicone-based adhesives (rubber, acrylic, and heat-activated formulas), and a variety of exceptional release liners.

We offer various products and services, from IAF products to custom design services and conversion. We are also ISO 9001:2015-certified and recognized under the UL component program.

Contact us to learn more about our industrial aluminum foil solutions or other services and offerings.


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