Sun Process Converting offers a variety of ready-made products that provide durable, high-quality solutions for numerous applications. By leveraging our own coating and converting capabilities — including adhesive coating, laminating, surface enhancements, corona treating, die cutting, slitting, sheeting and hot stamping — we have created a wide selection of products and can customize products for specific applications that meet the highest cost-efficiency and reliability standards.

Advertising Media

Advertising Media

Our advertising media provides cost-effective ways to display information that will attract the attention of shoppers.

  • Sun Process Converting offers vinyl floor graphics that adhere to most surfaces; including tile, wood, concrete, marble, and more, allowing you to attract the attention of consumers as they approach and walk over them.
  • Our scuff-resistant Ad-Mats can be placed on floors or counters, adding an additional dimension to promotional displays or bringing attention to specific products at or near the point of sale.

Industrial Aluminum Foil


As a leading provider of industrial aluminum foil (IAF), we offer best-in-class aluminum foil solutions with several customizable options. Our expansive selection of IAF solutions includes flame-retardant, PVC heat seal, high-temperature silicone adhesive, and pressure sensitive products. Applications for industrial-grade aluminum foil include insulation, moisture/vapor barriers, EMI/RFI shielding, heating elements, aluminum tapes, and more.

Tape Separators


We provide custom-cut bleached Kraft, natural Kraft, and bleached Quilon tape separators. With over 50 years of experience developing and manufacturing tape separator solutions, we can die cut, sheet, flat cut, or slit the separator material into virtually any size. Our patented “post packaging” will keep your shipment damage-free and efficient throughout transportation and storage, helping to avoid damage and waste.

Protective Overlaminating Films


These UV-resistant, durable films protect printed materials from fading over time and are available in various finishes. Our protective overlaminating films include polycarbonate and overlaminating PVC films, PVC scratch resistant vinyl, and polyester overlaminating films. These films are available in matte, clear, clear matte, and clear luster finishes. Each comes with a different film or paper liner selected to protect the material’s unique properties.

Pressure Sensitive Vinyl Media


Useful for graphic and industrial-grade decorative products, which come in several varieties, including:

  • Clear Flexible Calendered Vinyl
  • Matte Flexible Calendered Vinyl
  • Comfortable Clear Calendered Vinyl
  • Hard White Calendered Vinyl
  • Flexible High Gloss Colored Calendered Vinyl

Embossed Decorative Films


We offer a variety of SU-PRO® embossed decorative films. Decorative vinyl is a PVC film with print or embossing protected by a tough overlay that resists abrasion and scuffing, ensuring a long lifespan. Our embossed decorative films feature excellent resistance to water and moisture, abrasion and most petroleum-based solvents. The films are non-migratory, flexible, and calendered, and they offer advantages in many diverse settings, such as vending, furniture, aircraft, and cabinets.

Graphic and Industrial Pressure Sensitive Tapes


Our pressure sensitive tapes offer versatility, which makes them suitable for a broad tange of purposes. We stock a full product line of general-purpose and premium clear 48 gauge film PET coated products in log rolls and custom slit sizes.

These tapes will adhere to most engineering plastics and metal surfaces. We also produce multi-surface transfer adhesives with optimal peel strength, low temperature characteristics, optical clarity, adherence, and tack.

Safety Non-Slip Films


One of our most popular coated products, safety non-slip films applies cleanly to any smooth, wax-free surface. These films are available in several styles, including slit rolls and die-cut shapes, and come in two different varieties with unique properties.

  • EE-ZEE Grip non-slip film is 12 mils thick without adhesive and 13.75 mils thick once we add our exclusive grip-enhancing adhesive that resists oil, chemical, and environmental damage.
  • Sun Grip film provides exceptional grip through thread-embossed and Sun Grip patterns, which can resist shrinkage, maintain quality in wet and dry environments, and safely handle sudden changes in water or temperature.

Bright and Brushed Metallized Polyesters


For applications like POP displays, nameplates, and other situations that require a durable, rigid, metal-like appearance, our bright and brushed metallized polyesters offer high-quality surface covering or marking material with dimensional stability. Our selection of metallized polyesters takes advantage of our facility’s capacity for producing industrial coating solutions, and we stock tough, abrasion-resistant sheet and roll converting products for both PET and vinyl that are available in silver and gold. The SP36 permanent acrylic adhesive is specifically
designed for PVC films to add good initial tack, reduce plasticizer migration, and improve shear values.

Printable Industrial Polyester Labeling Film


Our printable industrial polyester labeling film provides a firm, high-quality surface for marking materials that serve decorative purposes such as labels, decals, and printed emblems. We offer printable films with a paper roll label liner that feature high durability and dimensional stability. Sun Process also provides print-treated film; these films are both available in clear, matte, and white. They also come standard with our powerful SP36 pressure sensitive adhesive, though they can be customized to include one of our other industrial-grade adhesives or release liners.

Specialty Products


With decades of experience crafting innovative plastic solutions, our manufacturing capabilities at Sun Process Converting extend far beyond the offerings listed here. We invite you to explore our specialty products if you are looking for a more specialized need. Popular specialty offerings include flocked calendar vinyl, transit vinyl, polypropylene printable film, single-coated PVC foam tape, non-slip, and printable white barrier film. If none of these ready-made offerings are the right fit for you, please contact us to discuss our custom industrial coating solutions and custom laminates.