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A System for Temporary Advertisement Mats from Sun Process
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Product Information
The Su-Pro® Ad-Mats system is used to produce temporary point-of-purchase advertisement mats. Peel & stick construction offers easy application, and our specially formulated removable adhesive offers easy and clean removability. The Su-Pro® Ad-Mats system consists of:

Su-Pro Ad Mat System
1. Slip-Resistant Protective Overlaminate

Removable Opaque White Vinyl

 A clear, slightly textured vinyl, which is anti-slip and scuff resistant. It protects the printed graphic, as well as adds a three-dimensional look to the decal. It is supplied with a permanent UV resistant, pressure sensitive adhesive, and can be pressure laminated, with or without heat.

Base Material:
 A 3 mil flexible white opaque vinyl with a high performance removable adhesive that will allow the decals to be removed cleanly from most surfaces without leaving an adhesive residue. The vinyl is top coated to promote excellent ink adhesion for most printing systems.
This film is also available with opaque adhesive, which is needed to hide any background patterns or dark legends.

The Su-Pro® Ad-Mats system can be used to communicate any important message. Common uses include:

  • Floor Graphics Promotions
  • Counter Mats
  • Change Mats
  • Mouse Pads
  • In-Store Advertising
  • Special Events/Contests
  • "Follow-Me" Markings
  • Informational Messages
  • New Product Promotion
  • Safety Warnings
  • Features:
    Durable ............
    The graphics will withstand every day abuse such as washing and traffic.
    Removable ........
    Our specially formulated removable adhesive ensures clean removability--no messy residue to clean up.
    Decals constructed from the Su-Pro® Ad-Mats system have the opacity needed to keep patterns or dark legends from the underlying surface from showing through and interfering with the graphics.
    Printable ..........
    Images on our flexible vinyl print clearly to produce a high quality graphic.
    Noticeable .........
    The high quality printing, in addition to ideal viewing placement, will command peoples attention and get your message across.
    Versatile ...........
    Not only are the number of uses for Su-Pro® Ad-Mats endless, but they can be produced in virtually any shape and size.
    Cost Effective ....
    Su-Pro® Ad-Mats cost less than systems from other suppliers and no special contracts are involved. Anyone can use our system!

    Application Instructions
    Floor Types
    Su-Pro® Ad-Mats must be applied indoors to clean floors in excellent condition, and may be use on commercial floor tiles, sealed wood, sealed concrete, waxed vinyl, marble, terrazzo, and ceramic tiles.
    Floor Surface Conditions
    The floor surface must be in excellent condition, clean, and free of all oil, grease, and silicone coatings. Other coatings, sealers, and paints must have excellent adhesion to the floor surface, or the decal may lift prematurely. Tiles should not be loose or uneven. The minimum floor temperature is 50° F.
    Decal Application
    Clean floor prior to application and dry thoroughly. Use an alcohol-moistened, lint-free paper towel to remove any grease or oil that may remain. Dry the surface again by wiping the alcohol before it evaporates to prevent leaving a residue.
    Remove the liner from the back of the decal. Position the decal on the desired location of the floor.
    Using a plastic squeegee (do not smooth decal with hands), apply the center of the decal with firm pressure. Continue with firm, overlapping strokes from the center out to each edge. Be sure all edges and corners are firmly attached.
    Do not scrub or polish decal or surrounding area for at least twenty-four hours.
    Do not overlap decals - Line up multiple panels edge to edge.
    If possible, place the graphic away from entryways to minimize contact with rain and snow, as well as out of traffic areas of large equipment, such as fork lifts.
    If any edge of the floor graphic decal lifts from the floor, the entire graphic must be removed immediately and replaced in order to prevent the risk of tripping.
    Su-Pro® Ad-Mats floor graphic decals can be cleaned and maintained using routine floor maintenance procedures and equipment
    To remove the decal, lift one edge and pull at an angle using short, quick tugs. If the floor was waxed previously, it is recommended that the area be waxed once the decal has been removed, since the wax may lift off with decal.

    Warranty and Limited Remedy
    Sun Process makes the following warranty and limited remedy in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose:
    Sun Process warrants that, for 180 days from installation the Su-Pro Ad-Mats advertising system, when used for floor graphics and constructed, installed, maintained, and removed according to Sun Process' written instructions, will a) as determined by the recognized industry standard for slip resistance, be safe for its intended purpose of a floor advertising medium; b) maintain its original color, brightness, and image quality, except for effects from expected and normal wear; and c) adhere to floor surfaces recommended by Sun Process and remove without causing damage to the floor surface. Any floor graphic decal produced using the Su-Pro® Ad-Mats system that does not comply to this warranty will be eligible for replacement or refund by Sun Process for the price of the materials. Refer to Sun Process product information on the Su-Pro® Ad-Mats advertising system.
    This remedy is an exclusive offer by Sun Process. Sun Process is not liable for any damages, incidental, special, or consequential, which are a result of the use or inability to use the Su-Pro Ad-Mats advertising system. This warranty does not limit or exclude any personal injury claims which are allegedly caused by Sun Process.

    Refer to our application instructions for proper use. The information listed on this sheet is believed to be accurate. However, because we cannot predict or control the circumstances under which this information or our products may be used, we cannot guarantee results obtained through their use. User should test our products to determine the suitability for a specific application.

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