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Elite: the group or part of a group selected or regarded as the finest, best;
a superior group.
--Webster's New World Dictionary

What is Elite Express?
As a custom adhesive coater and converter of flexible films with a wide range of adhesives and release liners to choose from, we create many customized products. The combinations are almost endless!

Our number one goal is to meet your satisfaction -- not only by providing you with top quality products, but also by considering your other requirements: primarily pricing and delivery. That's why we created a select group we've named Elite Express.
Although we'll continue to produce customized products for specific applications, we've selected some of our most popular graphic arts products to manufacture in larger runs and keep on-hand.

How Elite Express Can Benefit You
Producing these pressure sensitive films in high volumes results in several benefits-for us and you:

  • Maximum efficiency, which lowers our costs. We pass our cost savings on to you -- by offering our Elite Express products at significant discounts.
  • Extensive inventory - having these products readily available means fast delivery.
  • Continued top quality - Because we haven't used any "short cuts" to offer you these reduced prices and shortened lead times, the high quality our products are known for hasn't been sacrificed.

  • Qualifications
    In order to experience the cost savings and convenience of our Elite Express line, all you have to do is order these products exactly as they are specified, at a minimum of 250 MSI. That's it! So take a look at the product descriptions in this product line. If you see any that you think will fit your application, give us a call! We'll be glad to send you samples, give you technical information, or take your order!
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