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Sun Process Services Conversion Machinery
Specializing in custom design and problem solving capabilities, Sun Process offers custom converting services to make your decorative and functional components in the exact shape and size you need them.
Select from our line of single, double, or non-coated films, foils, and foams or send us your material for converting.
For additional information, please review our list of services below and then send us an email, or give us a call at 1-800-323-0697.
Value Added Product Features
       Additional Decorative Features
       Faster and Easier Product Assembly
       Improved Product Durability
       Lower Production Costs
       Improved Product Performance

Die-CuttingDie Cutting
       State-of-the-art rotary and steel-rule die cutting
          both give you the option of receiving your parts
          in individual pieces or kiss-cut in roll form.
       Sun Process can provide your parts in a form
          that makes assembly easier by adding tabs,
          back-slits, liners, printed liners for instructions.
       Applications for die cut components include: gaskets, fasteners, bonding,
          mounting, spacing, masking, scratch resistance, moisture resistance,
          RF shielding, decorative appliqués.
  Methods: Steel Rule, Rotary and Thermal
Die-Cutting Specifications
Maximum Material Thickness: 80 mil (.080")
Minimum Material Thickness: 1 mil (.001")
Maximum Part Size
Steel Rule:
27" X 45"
12" X 27"
Minimum Part Size
Steel Rule:
1/4" X 1/4" (.25" X .25")
1/8" X 1/8" (.125" X .125")

Slitting Slitting
Our precision slitting can give you rolls in virtually any width, to be used for tape, label stock, or decorative trim. We keep above average tolerances, so you can be sure our slit materials will fit into any small space. Spool winding is also available for smaller slit rolls to prevent telescoping.

 Methods: Score, shear, and rotary slitting. Core winding and
 spool winding available.
Slitting Specifications
Maximum Width of Material: 80"
Maximum Roll Diameter: 40"
Maximum Roll Weight: 1,500 lbs.
Maximum Material Thickness: 50 mil (.050")
Minimum Material Thickness: 1 mil (.001")
Minimum Slit Width
Score & Shear Slitting:
* Rotary Slitting:
3/8" (.375")
1/16" (.0625")
Core Diameter: 3" and 6"

* Tooling charges may apply for rotary slitting
Sheeting & Flat Cutting
Our sheeting capabilities allow you to receive sheeted material in just about any size. Flat cutting ensures that each sheet is the perfect size and has exact square corners. This is critical if you use automatic sheet fed equipment.
Sheeting Specifications
Maximum Width of Material: 61"
Maximum Roll Diameter: 40"
Maximum Roll Weight: 1,000 lbs.
Core Diameters: 3" and 6"
Maximum Material Thickness: 30 mil (.030")
Minimum Material Thickness: 1 mil (.001")
Maximum Sheet Size: 60" X 120"
Minimum Sheet Size: 1" X 1"
Flat Cutting Specifications
Maximum Sheet Size: 85" X 85"
Minimum Sheet Size: 1" X 1"
Maximum Material Thickness: 80 mil (.080")

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